Sunday, November 07, 2010

Happy Halloween

We started off Halloween on Thursday. Some of the women on our street got together with all of the kids and carved pumpkins. We had fun! The kids were a little wild but it was a good time!

This is mine and Ellie's pumpkin. It is an owl sitting on a tree. The owls eyes broke, so a toothpick had to hold them together.

Friday Ellie got to bring her costume to school for Trick-or-Treating there. They also had a party after naptime!!
Saturday morning, Denise and I along with the kids surprised Mimi and Papa and rang their doorbell at 9 am. Mimi and Papa were still in bed! We had to let them see the kids in their costumes! The kids got lots of candy from them plus Frosty coupons and $10. Thanks Mimi and Papa!!
The kids were acting so crazy! Oh my, they were so hyper!! We couldn't even get them to be still for pictures.

Braxton was a Race Car Driver for Lightin' McQueen and Ellie was a Kitty Cat. I am working on Ellie's third scrapbook. That year she was a cat too. Ever since she saw the pictures of her dressing as a cat for Halloween, that's what she said she wanted to be.

Saturday night we went to Mimi Mary and Papa J's for Trick-or-Treating in their neighborhood.

Cousin Haedyn was a Candy Corn Witch!

Mimi Mary dressed up too!!

On Sunday, we had Trick-or-Treating in our neighborhood. Denise, Richard, Braxton, Chris, Janell and baby Noah joined us.
Ellie was so excited to hold baby Noah!

Superman Noah!!!

We all had a wonderful weekend spending time with friends and family. Ellie is already asking to go Trick-or-Treating again!!!

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Reunion Fall Festival

Our neighborhood had its annual fall festival two Saturday's ago. I took Ellie and then Christian joined us later. They have a ton of stuff for the kids to do. Ellie's favorite was the bunnies. Christian and I have thrown around the idea of her getting a bunny for Christmas. We will see what Santa brings!

Her next favorite things was the trampoline! This girl loves to jump!!

I love this pic! Back flip time!

The Bus Fair! This is a purple and green (I think, I cant really remember) school bus where the inside has been converted a gym! See pic below! The Bus Fair comes to Ellie's school too. Ellie loves the Bus Fair and Ms. Lora!

Then we had to make a second stop at the bunnies! I couldn't get her away from them!! She loves animals so much!!

I think someone is tired!!

Monday, November 01, 2010

Watkinsville Fall Festival

A few Saturday's ago Ellie and I met Christian's sister, Elisa, her daughter Haedyn, Mimi Mary, Elisa's in-laws, and a few of her friends at the Watkinsville Fall Festival. They had a few bounce houses, pony rides, face painting, a petting zoo, and a tractor ride for the kids. They had tons of craft booths and several stations of what looked like yummy food. I wanted a funnel cake, but never ended up getting one. I did however grab a bag of boiled peanuts on the way out. Daddy, Ellie and I all enjoyed them when we got home!!

Ellie, Haedyn and Ruby

....closeup of the girls...not pictured is Carter, the only boy, and his sister Ansley

Ellie had to get her fast painted!

Train ride with Mimi Mary

Horse ride time...or should I say pony!

Haedyn riding her pony

Ruby riding her pony!